Bochang can offer customers the ability to precision machining parts, and what to rely on that ? We have been committed to have the most advanced digital processing technology of CNC turning and milling composite swiss type and turret type processing equipment and CNC machine center and keep ahead of the competition.
CNC machine turning and milling+the back side machining
At present, the company’s production line has a wide range of cutting japanese TAKAMAZ CNC swiss tye and turret type combined automatic lathes and other peripheral processing equipment.Japanese high-end CNC swiss type automatic lathes unique side milling and back machining and processing capabilities can provide customers a variety of complex and special precision parts turning, milling, drilling, tapping once processing is completed and production efficiency increased by more than 1.5 times to achieve high efficiency, high qualiyt, high competition force development mass production targets.
4-Axis Milling Machine Precision Machining
World-class high-quality CNC manufacturing capacity
◆ Processing abilities with 4-axis machining.
◆ Capability of 3D CAD.
◆ Processing technique with vacuum chuck and pneumatic grabbing.
◆ Enhancing processing efficiency with outstanding fixture design and development abilities.
◆ OEM abilities for manufacturing with parts of bicycle, vehicle and motorcycle.
◆ OEM ability with photoelectric, medical and aerospace precision parts.
◆ Development and manufacture abilities for high precision and complicated parts.
◆ Polishing abilities on special surface processing.
◆ Manufacturing multi-types products with flexible quantity and quick reaction to customers’ request for delivering.
Introduced into ERP production system
In response to rapid changes in the environment, as well as manufacturers fierce competition in order to achieve the company expects production targets Fongshen has been introduced into ERP production system effective integration of production information to solve problem on the production line to effectively improve overall productin efficiency to quickly respond to customer needs and ensure delivery time fully cooperate with the customer.
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