Quality Assurance
IQC + IPQC + FQC + OQC Comprehensive process control
An important factor in achieving high and consistent product quality is to carry out really thorough process monitoring.Under the ISO 9001 quality certification operating system, Fengsheng adopts full-process inspection quality control (IPQC) from the raw material end to the shipping end, including four major quality management of incoming materials, production processes, finished products, and storage and transportation to ensure that customers are entrusted OEM-processed precision parts products have quality assurance that exceeds customer requirements.


Incoming Quality Control Materials mechanical performance test
  Fengsheng attaches great importance to the
quality management of incoming processed
bars, and strictly conducts inspections including
appearance, size, straightness, roundness and
other inspections. It is expected that quality
control will be moved forward, and quality
problems will be found at the forefront to achieve
effective control and reduce production costs.
With precision testing and inspection equipment,
strict metallographic analysis and mechanical
performance testing of the crystalline components
of the structure, such as tensile, flattening, tearing,
and corrosion testing, can ensure that the products
have the most stable high quality and reliability.
  In-Process Quality Control Final Quality Control
  In the process of mass production of products in
the CNC workshop, our engineers and inspection
personnel in the quality control department will
conduct quantitative self-inspection and roving
sampling inspections on the products produced
in each process at time intervals. In addition, the
entire production Process quality control,
implementation and refinement to each process.

A Full-time our QC personnel will conduct a
comprehensive inspection and test on the finished
parts after completion. The inspection content
includes: product dimensional accuracy,
performance, safety and appearance. Only after the
finished product has passed the inspection, can the
product be packaged.
  Surface Treatment Control Out-going Quality Control
  For various surface treatment parts, rigorously
carry out X-ray film thickness inspection of the
part coating, fog test, layer color appearance
inspection, etc. to meet or exceed customer
Before shipment, our QC team will conduct final
shipment inspection on the finished product again.
Through a thorough OQC process, Fongshen can
ensure that the finished product meets our highest
standards and meets customer quality requirements.
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