Testing Equipment
Complete quality management system
Our quality system was developed within the requirements and guidelines of ISO 9001 which ensures that our quality management, processes, and product control meet the most stringent requirements. In order to ensure the quality assurance of customer products, our quality control laboratory is equipped with advanced testing equipment and measuring tools, including three-dimensional measuring instrument, 2.5D image measuring instrument, optical projector and surface roughness instrument. Perform standard inspections on workpiece appearance, dimensional accuracy, roughness, hardness, etc., to ensure that Fongshen's precision parts products can have consistent and stable quality
3D Coordinate-measuring machine instrument
》Measurement and testing equipment that can determine the accuracy of product quality.
》Can instantly display the results and display the three-dimensional position of the probe simultaneously.
》High repeatability and precision.
》Fast testing speed that reduces production costs.
》Rapidly determines the cause of errors during the manufacturing process for the roducts, which in turn provides good
control over the entire manufacturing process and reduces the defective products as well as the generated waste.
 2.5D image measuring instrumentng
We use CCD lens magnification zoom function to capture images, and then use the optical scale to compare the coordinate-values of the image. Accurately calculate the required coordinate-values or sizes.
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