R&D Engineering Capabilities
In the 21st century, the global industrial division of labor has entered the era of OEM / ODM. In the entire development supply chain, FONG SHEN Metal parts manufacturing technology, with more than 20 years of long-term and close experience in collaborative research and development with customers in various industries, making good use of mechanical engineering-assisted design 3D CAD software, combined with differentiated process technology and equipment, successfully assisted our customers in precision parts The functions of R & D and design engineering are brought to the extreme, and then the added value of the products is greatly improved, and the goal of industrial high value is achieved to create a win-win situation.
    Collaborative design and development
    Acdording to several years’ accumulation in experience of OEM /ODM manufacturing and production and and the
technique ability. We can develop the initial stage in the concept of customer’s new product and aim at material,
manufacturing, assemble and various surface the processing put forth the suggestion and design with the customer cooperatively to carry on the development design of new product or give according to the first drafe design, grass diagram provided by customer and before yield instant correction and suggestion.
Effectively shorten the prodct development schedule, workout problem and control cost, quickly form the consensus on the production let customer who demand “time to market” gain places in the mardet with competitive advantage.

Metal Parts machining Solution    
Accurate reproducibility of parts and all-directions service.    
We concentrate on the field of Bronze and sanitary water metal industry, Spray and piping system valve, Auto / motorcycle industry ...etc, and provide with Mold design, Fixture design, Programming, Four-axis / five-axis cutting and milling composite machining, 3D surface, Quick proofing, Surface treatment complete process verious outstanding metal process solution.
For many years, we are also very product to succeed to help our customer to reach high-quality process, the product whole consistency shorten to produce a period and effectirely reduce the production cost and enhnce the target of customers market competence.
    For complex precision parts, the process from ollaborative development of samples to proofing confirmation is the first step to transform your ideas into tangible products.
Our R&D engineering team is the elite of metal precision parts.
Our method starts with understanding and focusing on deep cultivation.
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