Manufacturing Capability
CNC Turning and Multi-Tasking
In the market, there are many complex demands tolerance, high precision micro precision parts, Bochang Select with CNC multi-axis, multi-process composite high-performance machine processing capacity and solid technology to meet this demand. Such a process development capabilities, give customers include lower costs, faster turnaround times, superior quality precision parts ... etc benefits.
01. Multiaxial
TAKAMAZ CNC automatic lathe CNC compound, so that the whole process ofcomplex precision parts Our engineers completed only one operation, a substantial increase staff productivity, and can greatly reduce the artifacts due to multiple operating multi-process machining, prevent damaged artifacts and meet the requirements of industrial diversification, speed up, good precision and compound processing.
02. Multi-Process
Our CNC lathe compound can perform many different operations, including turning, milling, boring, tapping, and drilling.
Since the stand-alone One Check holder , the simultaneous five-sided milling machining, precision machining can significantly enhance not only upward, were machined parts can be completed in a shorter time and with higher accuracy and repeatability as well as the goal of unmanned and automated processing.
03. CNC Machining Center production line Four-axis machining with the dynamic
Fong Shen select team has a strong processing molds, jigs and development capabilities, our CNC Machining Center device is equipped with a fourth axis, the axis can be achieved with the move, meet a variety of complex machined parts for turning, drilling, boring, tapping, and milling flat, curved, grooved, spiral ... etc do multi-angle, 3D surface wheel precision machining in one set-up., and can simultaneously process 2 to 10 parts, and improve productivity.
04. Diversification and Flexible processing capacity
Fong Shen vertical machining center with advanced production lines, for a variety of casting, die casting, aluminum casting, extrusion pieces ... and other parts that can perform high-speed, high-precision of milling.
We have the ability to manufacture large quantities of parts and assembly components, but still has enough flexibility to produce small batches and sampling work. We are focused on meeting customer needs, whether it is the accuracy, reliability, on-time delivery and value.
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