Because Professional, So Trustworthy
FONG SHEN has always specialized in the processing and manufacturing of metal precision parts, as well as the innovation and of design and development technical capabilities. It has been produced with the latest integrated turning and milling CNC machines and machining center, and its accuracy, quality, efficiency and accurate delivery time have won customers' recognition.
Strong synergistic development apabilities and process capabilities.
With our suppliers to sign long-term material supply contracts, in order to obtain a price advantage, the lowest production costs.
Provides development solutions for the full process integration manufacturing of precision parts. International quality inspection of 3D Coordinate- measuring machine instrument.
With a small variety and flexible anufacturing, it can quickly respond to customer needs. At the early phase of the product development, Fong Shen is actively participating in accordance with the product characteristic, material usage,
manufacturing process for deliberation; also address out the potential risks for the best production solution.
Passed ISO 9001 international quality certification.  
It has the ability to shorten the parts development cycle and reduce manufacturing costs.  
Excellence. Continued Beyond
We are confident to ensure the quality and precision of various precision and complex parts before and after processing.
For more than 20 years, we have been constantly improving, making every effort to produce more precise and high-quality precision parts and the products have always been at the highest level in specific applications.
When you choose FONG SHEN, you also choose the best products and services, which is our constant commitment.
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