Value-added precision parts OEM / ODM preferred factory

For more than 20 years, FONG SHEN have continuously improved on technology and the quality of our products, FONG SHEN not only have the most precise and advanced multi-process multi-axis CNC high-performance machining production line but also passed ISO 9001 international quality certification.

Solid technical background, and in the spirit in which the ultimate Craftsmanship, FONG SHEN significantly increase various manufacturing process of precise parts including complex shape processing, development of size design to offering customers the most cost-effective solutions.

At present, FONG SHEN has successfully developed and manufactured various high-precision precision parts for factories in the United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore and other countries around the world,particularly in the Copper and valves OEM / ODM parts market, up to 90% of the orders have repetitive transactions.

  With more-than-20-years combination of technology and the ability, we has succeeded in the Bronze and sanitary water metal industry, Auto/motorcycle industry, Electronics and Telecommunication industry, Optical industry, Pneumatic and hydraulic industry, Mechanical ardware industry, Aerospace industry...etc. and other application areas. We own the precise, high- performance and high-reliability OEM development
solutions case.
Our product in specific applications has been at the highest level for a long time.
We are very proud to be able to provide customers with more reliable solutions and customized products, and we are constantly exploring new areas, receive larger, more difficult challenge.
ISO 9001 International Certification Factory
One Stop Solution Service Center
From engineering to series production run of parts or assemblies, FONG SHEN is your experienced partner. Whether you require production pure and simple processing and production or finish surface treatment or a complete new development including product management, we can offer you a customised solution to get your idea on the move.    
    OEM / ODM processing and manufacturing solutions

Whether it is lost-wax casting, Casting parts, aluminum extrusion parts, forging parts, die casting parts, etc., precision turning, milling, or drawing to sample for precision turning and milling To develop mass-produced workpieces, as long as customers provide design drawings or processed samples, FONG SHEN can provide "customization", "flexibility" and "a small amount of diversification" OEM processing and rapid development of mass production services. 90% of the production process is done within FONG SHEN factories, including research, machining and quality tests. FONG SHEN offers a variety of the process and complete services with solutions for customers to reduce R&D and manufacturing costs to provide fast and flexible global customer service.

Today, FONG SHEN has become the most professional metal turning and milling precision parts manufacturing plant in Taiwan. We provide comprehensive complex precision parts and a wide range of hardware products OEM / ODM development and manufacturing solutions. for various industries.

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